My name’s Ian. I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. I work with motion graphics and video for my little company Ketchup, in Sydney, Australia.

Here’s an about page reimagined as a movie script. Producers, you know where to find me.


Ease and Wizz. A plugin for Adobe After Effects that makes your animation look better with just a click. Here’s a video intro.

Resolve scripts. A small suite of simple (but sweet) scripts for the edit and grading powerhouse, DaVinci Resolve. I made an intro video for them, too.


Twitter highlights.

Miscellaneous funny things:


It’s in third person, please forgive me:

Ian Haigh has been involved in design and branding since way back in the 90s, back before anyone had email and people would just shout out the window. After stints in the world of prepress and design in Wellington, London, and Amsterdam, Ian moved to Sydney and now makes videos for his delicious little agency, Ketchup. He writes, directs, films, and animates. Ian is happiest when spending hours programming a computer to do something automatically that would’ve taken minutes to do by hand.

More Ian.

For the completists.

I co-hosted the AGDA Awards in Sydney with Christopher Doyle. Here’s our intro video. Here are the out-takes, and the dramatic teaser.

My Creative Mornings talk. I talked about Ease and Wizz, amongst other things, on the global theme of “Connect”.

Adobe invited me to talk extending and automating After Effects on Adobe APAC Live.

I’ve appeared on the Australian Design Radio podcast a few times:

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